April 10, 2012

Christianity Growing In Afghanistan

Isaiah 6:8
"Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, Here am I; send me."

Coming across a news article on Christians in Afghanistan struck a chord in my heart so much so that I thought I'd share it with everyone out in cyber-land. I'm asking that you please include this nation and its peoples in your daily prayers. I'm copying the text of the news article, which was originally linked by The Weekly Standard. The main news source, Mohabat News has been linked in this post.

Afghanistan, a country long suffering from civil wars, has not experienced peace for many years. Ongoing bombings by fundamentalist Muslims have stolen peace from the lives of Afghanis. However, the country has recently seen signs of change as people hear the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Bigger Afghan cities tend to have underground "Bush Markets" where stuff that "falls off the back of the truck" like these MREs intended for American troops are sold for as little as 20 cents

According to Mohabat News, “Informed Afghan authorities acknowledge that Christianity has obtained a special place not only among youth, but also among various layers in society. (In addition), house churches are growing tremendously.” Further, an independent Shi’ite website in Iran reportedly quoted a knowledgeable Afghan official as saying, “There is evidence of widespread Christian propaganda in Afghanistan, and the existence of more than 10 churches that operate secretly in residential houses have been proven.”

This beggar in Herat suffers from elephantiasis, which afflicts over 120 million people, primarily in Africa and South-East Asia
News reports indicates that some members of the News country's parliament have embraced Christianity. A Farsi news service also published a report on these conversions, writing, “Evangelism and Christian propaganda is taking place in the country at a high level, but this is the first time that those who call themselves representatives of the Afghani people not only have become ‘apostates’ but have joined Christian ministries to evangelize. This time they want to present their Christian services to Muslim people through parliament.”

Along the road vendors sell freshly caught Kabul river fish or scavenged mountain flora

Muslims make up the vast majority of Afghanistan’s population at 99.85 per cent. Christians account for 0.05 per cent. While there is limited freedom to practice other religions, there is no freedom to propagate another faith or to convert from Islam.

During a picnic at the walls of the ancient city of Balkh, "Sheikh" (center right) unfurled the red carpet and served us fatty lamb, flat bread, sugary tea and Coca Cola

Thank the Lord for the way He is working in this nation. Ak Him to Afhani Christtians a strong and mature faith with a bold desire to share the gospel. Pray the Lord will continue to work to bring many more to repentance. Pray for protection of believers in Afghanistan.

Instead of an iPod, workers in the field bring their song birds to entertain them through the day

NOTE: Photos and captions courtesy of Paretz Paretnsky who took the pictures and wrote the captions. More can be seen at Through the Eyes of An Independent Contractor

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He has called us to the reaping,
urgently sent out the call.
What a shame if at His coming
we have brought no sheaves at all!

Face to face, I shall behold Him
on His glorious judgment seat.
What a shame if at that meeting,
I lay nothing at His feet.

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